Arduino SmartWatch

PROTOTYPE 1 (1/6/2016)

I stumbled upon a blog discussing the build of a Arduino smartwatch with some code and decided to give it a try. My first prototype went very well except for a few things I ran into. Nonetheless, the project was complete and I will attempt a second prototype with more features and reduced size.

Build blog: arduino smart watch



    • 1x Arduino Pro Mini 3.3V/5V @ 16MHz MEGA328P
    • 1x HC-06 (without interface)
    • 1x 3.7v 500mAh Lithium Ion Polymer
    • 1x 0.96″ IIC Serial 128×64 OLED DisplayModule
    • 1x button
    • 1x switch
    • 1x Adafruit Micro-B USB Lipo battery charger
  • MISC.

    • 1x Leather watch straps
    • 1x Eletrical Tape
    • 1x Black Leather

      Prototype 2
      Prototype 1
      Prototype 1

      Prototype 1