Quantum Mechanics for VR

Quantum Mechanics for VR

This is a proof-of-concept first-person puzzle game I have thought about for a while now. The game focuses on a simplified visual form of real-world quantum mechanic principles.

By blinking as the primary tool, a player can manipulate the state of objects which can alter their physical properties. The game follows 3 essential rules of quantum mechanics, Observer effectSuperposition, and Entanglement. Combining these rules can create very elaborate puzzles.

As of now, the only functional mechanic is Observation which, in this game, changes the state of an object when the player is not observing the object. The object can retain the properties it had before it was changed such as velocity and shape.

Example: Using the Observer effect can allow a player to stop an intangible flying projectile into a tangible object such as a weighted cube. The player can take the cube somewhere else, change it back into a projectile, and allow it to fly again towards at something specific like a button.