RPG #1

Rpg #1

This is my first large-scale attempt at making a 3D RPG. All combat is real-time with the goal of using skills/spells strategically instead of beat-them-up play.

January 2016
  • Experimented with Unity’s beta networking (UNET).

December 2015
  • Implemented enemy AI. Enemies ran on a state-machine which allowed multiple levels of personalities such as aggressiveness and passiveness. Enemies were also able to navigate themselves around a player if there was an obstacle or another entity blocking its attack area.
  • Some spells and skills are functional such as Rolling, Teleporting, and Shield Bashing
  • Applying status aliments such as Stun, Freeze, and Knockback are functional.

November 2015
  • Testing various projectiles such as rubber-type arrows. Rubber arrows bounce off walls and ricochet to nearby enemies within range.
  • At this time, 5 types of arrows were functional: Normal, Ice, Fire, Rubber, and Piercing.

October 2015
  • Re-haul of the game with more efficient battle system, controls, navigation, and interaction system.
  • Basic mechanics such as blocking and reflecting projectiles were implemented.

August 2015 and prior

  • Initial design and implementation.
  • Art was created using PicaVoxel, a voxel-based mesh creator and animation.
  • Redesigned test bed character to look like Link from Legend of Zelda series.

  • Ricocheting arrows against walls. Serves as a basis for rubber type arrows.

  • Invoker-like spell system inspired from DOTA 2

  • Testing various procedural level generation methods.

  • A.I. experimentation