RPG #2

RPG #2

Currently developing an RPG with pop-up book style aesthetics and turn-based mechanics with a modern take.


May 2016

  • Added transactions of data such as damage. Each transaction is sent by a global handler and processed by a queue system. This helps keeps the game pace consistent as well as avoiding potential bugs caused by multiple data transactions affecting animations.

April 2016

  • By using a state machine for handling turns, each entity has their Turn phase and an Act phase which also pauses the progression until turn or act is concluded.
  • Working on an ‘Active-Time Bar’ mechanic for the battle portion of the game.
  • ATB system was used in many traditional RPGs such as the Final Fantasy series and in recent modern RPGs such as Child Of Light.

March 2016

  • Experimenting with shaders that allow sprite-sheets to cast and receive shadows.

February 2016

  • Using separate ‘areas’ within the same scene allows transition between areas with a ‘pop-up book’ effect.